i,ii-xi, a talk series

Between friend and enemy, and friend and friend, there is the potential to meet on common ground for a conversation that can work like a chance encounter, no urgency for conclusion nor sought after destination—rather, starting from some specific place where one needn’t remain and developing to where may not seem obvious or even possible at first.

i. April 6, Bradford Nordeen and Clara López Menéndez (DL: Los Angeles): It is not the homosexual who is perverse but the society in which we live

ii. April 13, A.L. Steiner: Art is the thing that doesn't yet exist

iii. April 20, Pedro de Llano: Curating as a contextual practice

iv. April 27, MPA: THE INTERVIEW: Red, Red, Future

v. May 4, Erin Christovale and Amir George: Cinematic Conspiracies: Gunn and Greenlee

vi. May 11, Rafa Esparza: las voces del rancho (voices from the ranch): Lupe, Mila, Neti, Sandra, Cheli, Rosa, Marta

vii. May 18, Robert Crouch: being-honeyed

viii. June 1, taisha paggett: resistance lives in the spine

ix. June 8, Dorian Wood: public study

x. June 15, Mimi Zeiger: Scenes Toward Criticism

xi. June 22, Cake and Eat It: Desperately Seeking Utopia

Architectural installation by Goro Tronsmo
Produced by Clara López Menéndez, Bobby Jablonski, Laida Aguirre, and Goro Tronsmo
Concept developed in dialogue with Laida Aguirre

Series organized by Suzy Halajian/ Anthony Carfello/ Shoghig Halajian