iv. MPA

THE INTERVIEW: Red, Red, Future

THE INTERVIEW stages Mars—a planet understood astrologically as the self-master of war and revolution—as a colonizing force to comment on the energetic mythos directing the behaviors of war. In 2013 I began researching privatized proposals to land humans on Mars within the next 3-10 years. During this same period, I created a series of performance-images shot on abandoned concrete housing foundations at the edge of the 29 Palms U.S. Marines base in Southern California. These images and ongoing research will culminate in THE INTERVIEW, an installation of photographs, mineral sculptures, and live performances linking space exploration to militarized human conditions.

Sampling of topics:

*Space is the place. For the next human colonization

*Mars One


*Transcendental tactics for another world order


*Nazca Lines


*Imaging the imaginary

*The facts called myth


*Technologies in harmony with nature

*Abstracting color: Is there political justice or another seabag of appropriative crimes?

*Panorama of the past. Aerial panopticon of the future

*16 sunrises. 6 sunsets

*Drawings in the sand

*Mars Calendar. Earth Calendar. ISS Calendar

*....there is so much, how to keep up. Answer: with YOU

*Unknowing is rested measure with the unknown

MPA promotes the body as paradoxical site tethered to the social and political exchanges that distinguish a space. Enriched by ritual and contradiction, her performances and installations depict power as an embodiment of these relations. These works have been seen in the U.S. and abroad at venues including the Swiss Institute, Whitney Museum, LACE, Stedelijk Museum, and Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca. Her body of work Directing Light onto Fist of Father (2011) at Leo Koenig Inc. combined 16mm film and a plaster cast of her father’s fist in an installation inciting three durational performances. Trilogy (o) (2012) centered photographs of Nike war missiles as an orbiting moon calendar at the arts cooperative Human Resources in Los Angeles. A frequent collaborator, MPA is a visible muse in many works by contemporary photographers, painters, and performers. After receiving a Foundation for Contemporary Arts grant in 2013, MPA relocated from NYC to 29 Palms, CA to research somatic practices. She is a frequent visiting art lecturer in New Genres at UCLA.