i. Bradford Nordeen and Clara López Menéndez (DL: Los Angeles)

It is not the homosexual who is perverse but the society in which we live

Dirty Looks is moved by desire and drive. It started as the gap filler that was needed in a cultural landscape numbed by sanitation and grand narratives. It continued out of the inspiration it stirred in different bodies that were eager to watch and share the moving images that moved them to motion. It lives on the fringes, escaping the definition that governmental structures bring into living organisms, although that is about to change. We are devoted to the distribution of works of film, video, and performance that exist to contest the status quo and the limits of what can be comprehended within the definition of art and gender. Time-based practices have been the bastion of outlaws and undetermined resistances since they started their rebellion against object-centered art. We are continuing a tradition and that perpetuation only entails new, consecutive ruptures.

Clara López Menéndez is an art worker, practicing in the curatorial field, art criticism, performance and other writings. She’s the co-director and curator of DL: Los Angeles. She’s figuring out where she’s living.

Bradford Nordeen is the founder of Dirty Looks, a bi-coastal platform for queer experimental film and video. Nordeen has organized screenings internationally and has programmed for numerous festivals. He lives in Los Angeles and Brooklyn.