ix. Dorian Wood

public study

"Sometimes I notice her like she is absent, her eyes sleepy. So far I don’t know how she is doing at work. We need to know where we stand, what to do, how to handle her, what steps to follow." - C. Alvarez, 12/1/76

Dorian Wood is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work seeks to glorify both the sanctity and irreverence of intimacy. Through the use of his corpulent body and booming voice, Wood revels in challenging the artist-audience separation, using subject matter informed by his own position in society as a queer man of color and an autodidact without a formal college education or a strong alliance to any particular community. His work has been showcased in institutions such as LACE, LACMA, The Stone (NYC), Kulturhuset (Stockholm), and Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin). As a musician, he has released over a dozen recordings. His most recent albums, Rattle Rattle and Down, The Dirty Roof, showcase a series of doomsday-themed songs that incorporate over 60 musicians. He is currently working on a follow-up album and is set to tour Europe in the fall.