xvii. victor jones

There There

There There explores the conceptual and practical role design plays in confronting issues of discrimination and disaster through the lens of four projects in three cities. Drawing from historical, social, and cultural sources, each project speculates how architecture plays a vital role in negotiating ideas of belonging in the midst of ahistorical tendencies, which tend to bury, deny, and suppress any physical connection to one's surroundings.

Victor Jones is an architect, writer, and cultural activist. Currently an assistant professor of architecture at USC, Jones is the principal of the design practice Fièvre + Jones Inc. Recent projects include Bywater Houses (2015), Watt House Project Platform (2011), and a skate park for City Park in New Orleans (2009). Jones has written articles and books such as "New Orleans - Ecological Urbanism" in Shaping the City: Studies in History, Theory, and Urban Design (Routledge, 2013); (IN)FORMAL L.A.: The Space of Politics (eVolo Press, 2014); and BASENTO Un Ponte (Euno Edizioni, 2015) that reflect his unwavering interests in architecture, art, and the urban experience.