xii-xix, a talk series

Tuesdays, March-May, 8PM
1009 N. Madison Avenue 90029

Our relationship is an ongoing exchange of ideas, questions, glances, objects, and attempts. Last year’s i, ii-xi, a talk series centered on the idea of coming together, as long as it lasted. xii-xix continues this, to explore the possibility in yet more forms, through both presentation and text contributions to be given in the coming weeks.

xii. March 15, Joanne Nucho: mapping memory, ethnographies of drawing and place

xiii. March 22, Jennifer Doyle: Sex, Theory, and Paranoid Structures

xiv. March 29, Raquel Gutiérrez: Errant Lines and the Anecdotal Register

xv. April 5, Gelare Khoshgozaran: Inviolable Airless Spaces

xvi. April 12, Johanna Hedva: that horror, was that love?* a reading of an excerpt of a work-in-progress

xvii. April 19, Victor Jones: There There

xviii. April 26, Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal: Fifty-five Propositions for an Artwork that Has Failed in Advance of Its Ever Beginning

xix. May 3, Steven Chodoriwsky: This contribution to the series comes only in the form of a text

Meters (free after 8PM) on Santa Monica Boulevard and Vermont Avenue, and street parking on adjacent streets
Bus: Santa Monica Boulevard 4 & 704, Melrose 10, Vermont Avenue 204 & 754
Metro: Red Line, Vermont Avenue/ Santa Monica Boulevard

Series organized by Suzy Halajian/ Anthony Carfello/ Shoghig Halajian